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Health Dose Apple Cider Vinegar. 60 Gummies + Hair Skin Nails. 90 Gummies

Health Dose Apple Cider Vinegar. 60 Gummies + Hair Skin Nails. 90 Gummies

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Health Dose Hair, Skin, and Nail gummies are a vitamin complex containing minerals such as zinc, folate, and different vitamins.

The bottle contains 60 gummies with a serving size of two gummies per day. Each gummy contains 110% folate, 5000 mcg of Biotin, and 25% zinc, which improves skin and hair's texture. In addition, the gummies have several vitamins that support your hair with strength and shine. Forget about the unpleasant shots and uncomfortable pills and replace them with chewing a tasty gummy while receiving all of the benefits

We picked the best ingredients to fit your needs and goals. Including the mother and ginger dry extract to maximize benefits. Without artificial colors, preservatives, low in calories and sugar, while maintaining a yummy taste for everyone to enjoy thinking about our number one priority, your health. We have made our apple cider vinegar with utmost care. We want you to be able to protect and keep your goals. We carefully supervise every step of production to guarantee the best quality in every bottle. We have made ACV gummies that may aid your health inside and out, Give your day an energy boost, and maintain your physical goals. Along with a healthy diet, our gummies can assist with digestion, gut health, detoxification, and may improve your skin and hair. Made With Knowledge, Expertise, and Passion.

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